File, Print, and Backup servers

  • Combine one machine into multiple servers, or have specialized servers
  • Complete backup system
  • RAID array for data redundancy
  • Windows NT 4-2000, Linux, AS/400

Why get a server?
Many businesses wonder why get a seperate machine for a server when they can just use an existing machine to store data. There are many good reasons. When you use an existing machine that someone uses as a workstation to perform server operations, you have significant performance decrease because the work load on that machine is doubled. Also most workstation machines lack the speed, memory, and storage space to be reliable servers. A workstation computer has a much greater chance of having general problems such as software conflicts, viruses, and hackers because they are being used for other purposes than serving, and lack the security features to deal with most security problems. A workstation computer is more likely to lock up or produce errors because the computer is being used for other programs. And remember, everytime a workstation that is acting like a server is rebooted, turned off, or locked up, everyone on your network is unable to work and be productive. We highly recommend at least one dedicated server on a network to be the most productive.
Dedicated server benefits

  • No e-mail is used directly on a server, so it has a significantly lower chance of being infected by a virus
  • No extra screen savers or other badly written programs will be on the server to lock it up because no individual will use the server itself
  • The computer serves files, printers, or internet connection and nothing else, So performance is increased
  • Server machines have strict security that allows you to control who, when, and where files or printers are being used

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