PCs and other computing devices available in TexarkanaWhether you want to bring your computer in, or have us come to your place of business or home, we will work with you on your individual needs and goals.  We recognize the challenges presented these days by the typical American schedule so we are always ready and available to come to you and work on your PC, printer, network or anything else that presents technological challenges in our highly connected society.  We also setup remote viewing for camera and security systems so you can keep in touch with your home or business when you’re away.

High-speed internet has revolutionized the computing environment but it has also changed how people are consuming media of all types.  We can even help you with the setup of all your streaming devices and home personal assistants (i.e. Alexa, Google Home and the like).  We even do consulting and will be glad to help you with questions regarding your technological upgrades so feel free to call us from 8a to 5p on Mondays though Fridays.

Our senior technician has been working on computers since the 1970’s and these days experience in the environment is worth it’s weight in gold.  We look forward to helping you get where you want to go with your Home, Business or even your Home Business.

Combined with the skill and experience we have in the myriad other business equipment that we service, we are proud to be able to offer full services to meet all your needs.


Computers are built to fit your needs
High end servers
Affordable home computers
We personally build and test each system
Hundreds of accessories
Software installation and training




Computer Service
Over 20 years experience
Quick and easy upgrades
We can solve all of your PC problems
Home or office PC’s
Operating systems from DOS to Windows to Linux and everything in between.
Server OS’s like Windows NT – 2000, Linux, and Novell
We even work on mainframes